A Heart Thats A Puzzle With A Missing Piece

How do i put my heart back together when one of the pieces has been taken away forever?
I have got all the pieces laying there, and i can't copy the one that is gone.
the new one is either too sharp, too square, too round or too long.

i keep trying though

through the years i have turned it this way and that
still it doesn't fit
i have cried and cried
i have tried to laugh
i have called an old friend
i have gone to church
i have gone to the graveyard
i have gone to the bar
i have slept the whole day
i have stayed awake for a week
still the new puzzle piece i tried to create won't fit

i keep trying though

broken heart

iamstillrighthere iamstillrighthere
51-55, F
2 Responses Aug 2, 2010

YOu did do somthing for me, first to be a little corny, but i mean it ~ you gave me some sunshine.<br />
and you took the time to say something to me and i sooo appreciate it. i look forward to reading other peoples comments to me, and learning about them too, as others in similar situations have gelped me. i met someone on here recently who lost someone and he emailed me last nite and said about 2 sentences of stuff i have been hearing over the past two years, but from him, after his recent loss, and tears in my eyes, even now, i heard it. <br />
so you never know what you can say how it will help or just run thru someone like the wind in our ears, only to be whispered softly to ourselves later on during a quiet moment. hey, i like that! lol. thanks again ~ and...sunshine ~back at ya~ peace~ stillrighthere! lol <3

Dear friend <br />
I know it's a difficult time for you, it takes "great" will and courage not only to get over your grief ..but also to find a purpose again in life and being on this earth.Greatest treasure is to give of yourself to others..hugs n lov ya!