My Nan Used To Make Me Laugh I Miss Her Alot

my nanna was called lillian lowry
1 she used to let me cellebrate secret birthdays when i wasnt supposed to and cristmas
2 she let me stay up late
3 she protected me
4 she let me be a child when i was
5 she used to say little ryhmes
6 we used to watch carry on films george fornby films and countdown togeather
7 we had great holidays in bridlington and scarborough and yorkshire coast
we both loved the sea i remember 1 funny time when i was with her i was 13 i think we stood watching the waves she was shouting at the water ner ner come n get me bet u cant looked back at me and woosh a huge wave came over the barrier and soaked her.
8 she gave me good advice
9 she shared her precious memories with me told me about grandad i never met
showed me photos
i have great memories from you nanna u were funny kind stern and loving evevn through searious illnesses which have effected our family even after u suddenly lost your husband & son in law & your son david 7 years later and your son paul 14 years later i love you i miss you so much 1921-2006
you taught me no matter what life brings your way carry on
poems you taught me

oh to be a pelican his beak holds more than his belly can in his big beak he holds food for a week i dont no how the hell he can

peas all hot boiled in snot bring a bucket you can have the lot
staryeyes29 staryeyes29
31-35, F
Dec 7, 2012