I'm always waking up in a good mood.

Mornings, while sipping my cup of coffee, are the only time my mom and I can talk of how our day went through. Nothing new of her stories. It's always about my dad. I can feel her sufferings with her stories. Then I'll be affected with her mood.

I always advise her of what she must do, even with the smallest problems at home. I know it should be the other way around, but she can't think clearly since dad left us. She's consulting everything to me, even if I have older sisters. If I won't help her, she'll absolutely lose her mind.

I wanna tell her that it's affecting me, and my studies. But I know, she's leaning on me. She's opening those problems to relieve the burden of her heart somehow. *sigh..  If I can only throw away all the heaviness of her heart..
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thank you.. ^^,

she is fortunate to have u to share with... i understand it should b the other way around... just give her some more time to be herself as a mother again..<br />
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you are amazing honey... just keep the good work, here's a hug for you! ^^,<br />
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