THIS Hernia Has to Go

I have a hernia in the upper part of my stomach, which gives me soo much trouble.. I try to watch what i eat but really it doesn't help but a little... the pain of the hernia really give's me pain in my chest and it keeps me on eage alot, meaning like walking through the house it feels as it thumps soo hard in my ribs that is affects my breathing at times at night is the most trouble i have, i can't hardly breath with this thing constet thumping i take zantack 300mg but that's getting were it an't doing any good....... i went to the doctor for this alllllll thay do is the same thing giveing me med's and to the house i go... sameo sameo... are there anyone out there that goes throgh the same thing and have u fount out if there's anything that will help this hernia that i have????? i can't take this much more plzz if any ideas of what i can tell my doctor that might help this......???????

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Acid Reducers can lead to constipation and cause more pressure on the abdominal wall and possibly breaching it. Statins can cause constipation too.

I have the same thing. Surgery won't help. PM me if you wish. I feel for you; I know the agony you are going through.

You may need to seek advice from another doctor. Surgery may be what you need. I had an umbilical hernia and had surgery on it when I was 4. Look up "hernia" in wikipedia to get some more info. I hope all turns out well. :)

I have an Upper Umbilical Hernia at the time of this post. I'm going for consultation on October 15th 2014. Wish Me Luck.