Truly Differnt


  Commando Extraordinary, German Colonel Otto Skorzeny. The phrase “thinking outside the box” should have his picture next to it.  

 Winston Churchill modeled the British Commandos after this man’s elite troops.

He once caused havoc behind US lines by simply having English speaking German soldiers dress as GI MPs and direct traffic and turn road markers to point in the wrong direction. 

   Five Star General Eisenhower once admitted that he was severely limited in his movements because Col. Skorzeny whispered into the ear (after he seduced her) of a known English spy that his next assignment was to assassinate the Gen. Eisenhower. This was done as a prank and had far greater results then expected.  

   Colonel Otto Skorzeny inspired me do my very best to think different. He gave me the courage to move on with fact that I was born different and that was good.   I learned to take a slightly different way to school each day. I did my best to eat different foods and to vary to some degree what I did eat. I always took the opportunity to do new things. Being different became a way of life.   Being different is my way of life today…DD      .     

Dewduster Dewduster
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I am 65 and somewhat who I am-THANKS...DD