I Have A High Iq And Am A Complete Idiot.

I've had a few professional IQ tests done and scored between 145-160, which is something I usually keep secret as I don't enjoy being called a liar. I would have difficulty convincing people I even have average intelligence. I'm always the last to get a joke (I tend to take them literally), can't keep track of time, keep a job or drive a car. Yes, I have several degrees, and I have nothing to show for it but debt. I've made some terrible choices in my life and can't even explain what I was thinking at the time. All I can say is, if I'm a genius, it's amazing that the average person is smart enough to walk and talk.
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Welcome to the club! It sounds to me that you are in the spectrum like me. Look up women with Asperger's which is quite different than men. There are tests on line that you can take to see if you fit the bill.

I'm a kid ill say less than 16 and I feel like I could be gifted and have great test scores always get all As and am very fast when it comes to ALOT of things and can do simple tasks in seconds and complicated tasks easily

Interesting, I am kind of similar, I had all kinds of problems with school and have had my IQ tested, I've been told its 135, but I have trouble doing everyday things, and I think I came off as unintelligent when I talked to my college friends(I have sinced been kicked out for low grades.) My best friend's dad called me "smart but stupid" in middle and high school because I was a smart person who did a lot of dumb stuff. I am very good at math, and also very mechanically inclined, but I get lost ALL the time, bump into things when walking, and I sometimes have trouble having an intellegent conversation.

Coordination etc is to do with your age. But you can help by thinking explicitly about coordination. Also try and focus more on the everyday. About getting lost. explicitly look at landmarks, cars, stations, position of the sun, be aware how it moves in the sky. Play key points again and again in your mind. People you are with will get impressed my your sense of direction. Practice juggling, unicycling, etc. You have a brain, it just needs connecting up. simple really.

I am so glad to have found you and this group. How does all this get better? None of us have ideas, solutions or the like. We know what is broken, but lack the how of fixing it.

Intelligent, but no pre-programming. Don't worry, it does get better. Honest. I think. Hmm.

Similar here too,.... though I can drive and work if someone would friggin hire me!