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I Guess It Was Just My Way Of Learning To Be Tough At A Young Age.

My chiropracter said it best " I have a high pain tolerance" he doesn't know how I manage to deal with it. After 4 car accidents, none of them my fault, I've been through the ringer with that. I just deal with things. When I was a kid I did all the chores, chores the boys usually do like, shovel the driveway, pile the firewood on the truck and off the truck. No wonder my back was killing me at a young age.
I eventually got out of P.E. class because of my back, couldn't even sit on a chair in school properly, had to lean back as far as I could until I almost fell off before I was comfortable.
Found out later my tail bone wasn't fully formed yet, well that explained that part.
I have alot of neck, lower back, shoulder problems.........after I had my shoulder surgery I wouldn't take any pain pills, hate the things. I just dealt with it, really didnt' hurt much anyway. I remember when I had TMJ my chiropracter fixed it for me and sure it hurt, he couldn't believe I wasn't yelling in was better than getting surgery the way my dentist wanted me too.
My dad was the same way, he walked around with a limp for years only to find out before he passed that he had 3 crushed vertabrae in his back.
I think the worst pain there is, is a toothache, now that can really make you weak........thats the worst type of pain.
I thought I'd never have root canal, I did, just to have my tooth pulled a week later because of infection. All that for nothing.......will never do that again, I'll go without teeth before I spend $700 just to get the same tooth pulled out for free.
I'm always on the verge of getting my achillies tendonitis back, whenever I feel it I start stretching again. I still have a bulge on the
back of my heel from the first time. I walked on a swollen foot for 3 months before even getting it treated, didn't have insurance at the time.......then it took 8 months to get rid of it. Can't say I wanna go through that again, but without insurance now I'm sure something will be bothering me soon. Just have to suck it up and keep going, like most people do.
honeysuckle23 honeysuckle23 51-55, F Dec 4, 2011

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