I Can Take a Lot of Pain fillings without injections, period pains, being punched by someone twice my size......but please dont bite my nipples

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I grew up with 3 bratty brothers. I held my own with them most of the time, but one of them asked me a riddle:"What's worse than a hurricane?" "I don't know, what?" "A ***** TWISTER!" and the little b***ard tweeked my nipple so hard I cried. Oh, the childhood trauma. Don't go there with me!

i guess it depends on the biter and how they do it...guess i've not had any bad experiences yet lol

a ******** once bit my nipple through my shirt. it was traumatizing.

i think i have a high tolerance too...and i actually like having my nipples bitten too :D

I am not CUTE!


I don't think I've ever heard anyone say they like being punched by folks twice their size. I do know folks that like getting the fillings.

While the sadist in me is glad their are masochists in the world, I'll stick to my side of the coin, thanks!

it's supposed to hurt.

I like it.

But I'm all kinds of horrible.