I Can Take a Lot of Pain

..like fillings without injections, period pains, being punched by someone twice my size......but please dont bite my nipples

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8 Responses Oct 21, 2008

I grew up with 3 bratty brothers. I held my own with them most of the time, but one of them asked me a riddle:"What's worse than a hurricane?" "I don't know, what?" "A ***** TWISTER!" and the little b***ard tweeked my nipple so hard I cried. Oh, the childhood trauma. Don't go there with me!

i guess it depends on the biter and how they do it...guess i've not had any bad experiences yet lol

a ******** once bit my nipple through my shirt. it was traumatizing.

i think i have a high tolerance too...and i actually like having my nipples bitten too :D

I am not CUTE!<br />
<br />

I don't think I've ever heard anyone say they like being punched by folks twice their size. I do know folks that like getting the fillings.<br />
<br />
While the sadist in me is glad their are masochists in the world, I'll stick to my side of the coin, thanks!

it's supposed to hurt.<br />
<br />
I like it.<br />
<br />
<br />
But I'm all kinds of horrible.