My Sex Drive Is Through The Roof!

I dont know what happened in these past few years but my sex drive is through the roof! The sad thing is I dont have anyone to let loose with. Reason is Im very selective. I did have sex with a 38yr old about 3months ago but that was to try and get over a guy Im inlove with. It didnt help. The younger guy is a nice friend seems to really like me but I dont feel any romance with him. As u know men are visual so if u look good they will hit it, unlike women we are emotional so we have to feel something for the guy, well me anyway I cant speak for all women. People Ive shared this with tell me to get a toy. Not! tried that but Ive found that ************ only frustrates me. Ive tried it a couple of times and doubt if I do ever again. Its just not for me. Which probably sounds strange since Im hot for sex all the time. Toys probably would be interesting if I had the right partner. Im not writing this in hopes to get a bunch of guys trying to contact me. So please dont. I just feel I can speak my mind here and it feels good getting things out. I mean Im grown, theres nothing to be ashame of or something I have to keep a secret. I have a sister who is 59yrs old and she says her sex drive is crazy right now and her husbands isnt. Thats not good! I dont know what would be more frustrating not having a partner at all or having a partner whose sex drive isnt as peak as mine. Im wondering if lots of woman my age are experiencing a high sex drive. I was getting it regularly over a yr ago and it just stopped abruptly (not by my choice) and Im afraid when I do find a partner it will be over. Maybe not but I was told once that change of life sets in it over for us females. Not sure if thats true, I hope not.
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I' d love to chat with you when you have a a chance! I hope you are great today.

Aw,,sorry that you are having such a hard time,,well i think that there must be some thing in the air..

sex and age and gender all very conflicting and confusing issues! all goes to good communication! I'd be glad if you add me so we can share more experiences, I am over fifty also!

my ex wifes peaked after our divorce and she turned 50. funny when mine was high she could do without. and no i didnt go back there, i do think that maybe it has to do with the age, but at 54 im not complaining. sometime i may find a partner for long term and its nice to think she will have a healthy sex drive.

Good luck.

Thanks for posting this, very open and honest. I hope you are able to find the right guy before as you say 'its too late', lol