Hooray For Hookahs

Mine is a pretty blue one (my favorite color) and it's perfect for my smoking needs!! *Puff puff*

Anyway, anyone want to join me for a smoke??

I promise it's just strawberry tobacco.........


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11 Responses Mar 24, 2009

Strawberry tobacco?

That's interesting ancientcelt, I never knew that. I like the idea of the mint leaves though! <br />
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Haha You're so funny NUTZ!! :)

I swear to god I thought Hookah was slang for hooker :(<br />
talk about clueless.

Oooh I need to try that!! *wink*

Oh I know! They make them so beautiful, you don't want to mess it up with nasty smoke! LOL<br />
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Ya, bongs were always fun to smoke out of, and a water bong was much smoother than a joint! LOL

Really? I didn't even know how to spell it until I smoked out of one! Mahahahaha

I've only tried shrooms once, and they made me have a panic attack! My hubby on the other hand was feeling just fine! Lol<br />
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We were in N.M. at the time and we were literally on top of this mountain, where the oxygen is thinner, and he was in Euphoria Land!!!! We still laugh about that day. <br />
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That was 12 years ago..........haven't had any since!

Hahaha At least they're natural, huh?

Ya, I don't do LSD!!!! I happen to enjoy being sane! LOL<br />
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Ya, the strawberry tobacco is pretty good, but weed is better! LOL<br />
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Oooh your pipe sounds beautiful!! Spark it up Sweet!! hehe

Hi retiredfather, I've never tried it that way. Hmmm intersting<br />
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kittster, LZD???? Or do you mean LSD? *confused*

I had one once. Smoked captain black but put hawaiin punch in instead of water.<br />
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Nt bad at all!