He Wasn't Always A Bad Person.... Or So I Thought

       So one day my dad calls me and my two brothers into a room and tells us he's leaving my mother. We ask him why, he said he just felt like it.  He keeps in contact with us for about 3 months, and tells us he's going back home to Mexico. My brothers and i don't really mind, he was never around much anyways, we were always closer to our mother. He calls us about 2 months later, telling us how wonderful his new life is, how he has a girlfriend about 4 years older than my brother who is only 13 at the time. This all doesn't sound so bad, except the fact this is the last time we ever heard from him. He never returned our phone calls, or anything, we knew he was alive, we called his family but they always said he was busy. That was 8 years ago. He has never sent us any money at all, never wrote a letter, never called just to make sure we were doing alright.  This didn't bother me much, i was already 11. But my other brother was 3, he never really got to know his dad. And this still isn't the sad part.

         Right before my dad left, my mother made him confess his dark secrets that they had hidden from us.  He was crying the whole time he was talking to us, and i remember feeling sorry for him. I remember his saying this in between his sobs, " Remember when we didn't see any of our family for about a year or two? How none of your cousins came over to play with you anymore? Well, that's because something bad happened... something bad that i did. You have to understand i was drunk when it happened, so don't blame me for i didn't know what i was doing."  We were so confused, i did remember all of the sudden my cousins' weekly visits did come to a complete stop, and for a long time my brother and i were lonely. But we never heard of anything bad happening. He continued after a long pause, " Well i touched your cousins 3 of them.... Amy, Cindy, and Chrissy."  At first i didn't understand, but years later i finally got the story straight. He molested 3 of my cousins, all minors i might add, they were between the ages of 8 and 14. I was completely shocked, and felt disgusted and embarrassed that MY father was capable of that. No he didn't do it all in the same night, this happened over the course of a year, multiple times, he won't admitt to how many times he did it. Neither will my cousins they don't like to talk about it, the only reason he got caught was because one of my cousins was so ashamed, luckily none of my family wanted to press charges. They just didn't want anything to do with us.

        To this day i'm disgusted, sometimes i feel happy that he doesn't care about us, and doesn't want to be around. That man was not fit to be a father, not only because he didn't have the compacity to love his children enough  take responsiblity, but because the man is a pedifile.  I came to that conclusion, after lots of thought, He got my mother pregnant when she was 15 he was 17, he didn't want her anymore because she was too old (about  her mid 20s at the time), he molested very young girls, and then we he left he had gotten himself a girlfriend who was only 4 years older than my brother.  That man should not be walking the streets free, young girls should beware.  I'm lucky my father never touched me.

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my dad is a jackass, but to his credit he never touched any of us kids or any kids period. i'm sorry that you were saddled with such a father.

I know how you feel. I really do and i'm really sorry. I am really detesting that ******* right now. Stay strong and live for the moment. One day he'll want to keep touch with all of you and see how great you guys did and didn't need any help from him at all!