Shoplifting In The Toilets

It's one of those that I laugh when I think of it now. I have always been a kleptomaniac from when I was a kindergarden little baby. After being busted as a eighteen yea old though I have dramatically slowed snatching down. It was around the time when I was full of rage inside me about the society and the laws when it happened. I would take my smaller sister and drag her along to steal sweats from the shop...*rolls eyes*. Seriously, what an embarasing thing to admit. My poor sister. So I actualy came up with a good way to not get caught as we made our way out of the shop. I would wear a huge coat with big sleeves, go there, fill up my sleeves out of sight and go to the toilet. There I would tare the wrappings off with my sister and stuff it into our pockets. We made it three times, I think. The fourth time it wasn't so funny. While we were on the toilets (it was just a small room for the staff) an employee came outside and told us to come out. Instantly we panicked. My sister was scared about it all the time but I was like ''Chill sister, don't be such a coward''. Eventualy we got out. There were three women outside piercing us with their looks as we walked past them pretending all cool! We reached to the door when someone told us to stop. Me and my little sister were told to go in the office. I was already aware we were busted and my heart started racing. We went inside meating the manager, and two women (whom one I still hate to this very day). Inside the offices we were greated by a horrible sight of crumbled chokolate papers casualy lying on the desk. Oh...crum! When did they bring them there? The manager asked us politely to unload our pockets on the desk as we shamefully did. Then told us to leave them there, leave, and return with money to pay them and then we'd get them. Now, everything is even worce. Since we were dead broke I had to open my grandma's purce and STEAL a 50 euro paper from it. With the object of descrace we returned and paid and got our stinky sweets. I remember begging the manager with this discusting shaky voice ''Don't tell my mom, please, don't tell my mom'' and I was thinking of my macho act before to my sister. What a two faced I was. That was the end. I haven't told anyone about this.

It would be nice if I enjoyed the prize of my failed quest later but I didn't even get to as I was too terified by what had just happened. Well, lesson be learned. Cameras DO exist in the bathrooms. Do not steal from big supermarkets. And do not pull your small sisters into your wrong dessisions. That's the worst thing in this story.
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sure you got a horrible memory :)