Things Are Way Too Clear..

SOME things are way too clear some things I can remember far too well. Some things still haunt me to this day.

Then things I want to remember, I can't. People I really want to remember, I can barely picture. All my day-to-day life that I have totally forgotten, my friends' faces just blurs.

Yet I can still remember in vivid detail so many horrible moments.

I try not to.

demonizd demonizd
31-35, M
3 Responses Mar 15, 2009

I have to go back and look at the things I wrote about too. I don't think I could handle 2 profiles, no way, no how. I do see where I tend to get acerbic sometimes with regard to certain issues and my glad is to not let it get to me as bad and to not get into ******* contests with people who belittle or are condescending toward me. **** 'em! That's what I say! LOL Be safe, my friend.

I have to laugh looking back at my posts sometimes. I think I may be a bit prone to mood swings.. no, not that, just moroseness, ~I guess I have needed to spend too much time on this profile. Being extra-miserable. Had to get someting written before i have to reduce my EP activity, which I am doing now. :( Oh, well ,, not today ,I'll do the other one today I think! :) Had a good day so am ok now. :) Thankyou both, for commenting. It means the world. :)

Hey, remember me? LOL Just kidding. I hope someday you can remember the good stuff. Horrible things always leave a lasting impression and they tend to haunt us against our will.<br />
I wish you good dreams and restful sleep, my friend.