My Mean Stepmom

When my dad and my mom seperated I was 3. And the first time I ever went to visit him he had gotten married. My stepmom was "okay" twords me when i was little, but as I got older she got worse. I go there for 6 weeks every summer and in the last 2 summers she has stolen my 6th grade year book, camera, broken my ipod, stole my tiger that my boyfriend gave me, pj pants, and many more. Also when i was little she would make me wear my stepsisters clothes instead of the ones my mom packed me. And if I dont respond to an email right away she will tell my dad and he will yell at me. It sucks. I hate her so much and I am thinking about not going out there anymore.
slugbugqueen slugbugqueen 13-15 Dec 23, 2010

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