I would like to tell you about my story.

I am a 28 year old woman and Ihave 5 horses. My husband and I also run a dairy farm and Iam trying to get a breeding program started. I have a 4 month old quarter horse stallion. I am keeping him a stallion!! I would like to offer some advise to the inexperienced horse person.If you have the time call 320-272-4199 to get a video from the minnesota horse training academy!! It is a video you will never regret it!! The Man that owns the school will teach you alot about horses and the things you can do with your beloved life long friend!! YOU WILL LOVE IT!! Any way my story is I have 5 horses and like i told you i am training them but 2 of them are very well broke game horse geldings. My life has been my horses and now that my kids are getting older and i'm getting back with my horses and alot of my time is still with my kids and my horses so get ahold of me and i will be more then happy to tell you about that school!!!!!! It will be worth anyones time!! my e-mail is

ellieboyle79 ellieboyle79
26-30, F
Aug 8, 2007