Morning Rush

Technology can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It often depends on what side of the coin you’re peering from.
My wife Emily had rushed out the house running late to an appointment to show some office space to a new client. In her haste, she picked up my cell phone thinking it was hers. I grabbed hers and was about to send her a text to let her know and arrange a place where we could swap phones when a text message came through.
Ethical dilemma versus natural intrigue; after all, what secrets could she have?
“Sorry, had to drop kids off at school, will meet you at the Hyatt. The room is in my name, see you soon. Hope you’re wearing that red lipstick that leaves good rings around Mr. Happy.”
A quick reverse phone look up later, I knew who “he” was; “he” was Jeremy, one of the partners at the Realty firm that employed my wife. His wife and mine were good friends, zumba and shopping buddies, and now it seemed they shared one more thing in common. I wondered if she knew but also realized asking her could set off a war I didn’t a part of. Emily and I had an agreement I would never question who she slept with as long as it wasn’t one of my internal circle of friends or coworkers. Jeremy didn’t fit either category.
Grabbing the phone, I planned to leave it at the desk for her to one, let her know I knew, and two, just in case she received some business calls throughout the day, and last I’m not sure exactly, a perverse self punishment for the lifestyle I had chosen perhaps.
As I pulled into the deck, I saw Emily’s Range Rover parked at the end of the first row. As I got closer, I noticed a spot across from it and backed in. Just as I was about to get out, a black Jaguar pulled in and parked a couple spots down. Emily got out of her car wearing a navy blue wrap dress and the new $850 red bottom pumps I had given her for her birthday just two days prior. I watched as “he” pulled her to him, squeezing her *** and kissed her deeply. She wrapped her arms around him and her left foot elevated just like in the perfume commercials. My stomach flipped but I could not turn away. I watched look around to see if they had observers then reach up to untie her dress. It opened to reveal she was only wearing lace top thigh high stockings. He buried one, then two fingers in her and I could almost hear her moan although, I’m sure it was just my mind playing tricks on me. My own tool betrayed me, hardening at what was transpiring out in public for anyone to happen upon and that’s exactly what happened. A car turned in, the lights illuminating Emily and “him”, and ending their little parking deck tryst. I heard both vehicle alarms as they locked their respective cars and find the elevator taking them inside the hotel.
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

What an epic experience of opportunity! I appreciate you sharing this story. Did you leave her phone for her and if so how did she respond? Is the same woman as your Beginning experience? Again, thanks.