***** Wife

When the economy went south, my 20 year old D cup wife said she was going to get laid off unless she did something drastic and when I asked like what.....she said she woud probably have to **** both the 72 year old owner of the company and his 45 year old son. She had previously given the old man a ******* on his birthday as he's a nice guy, but she said the son was an ******* and she knew all he would want to do was to humiliate her. Boy was she ever correct. within a month, he had forced her to wear only see thru blouses and no bras and micro mini skirts...He was ******* her at least three or four times a week and he regularly held meetings with guys in the plant all the while my maked wife was sucking him off. THen he started forcing her to **** clients and potential clients as well and often times made her walk around out on the shop floor completely naked except for high heels....he calls her a C*** and a sleazy **** in front of all the guys....I"d like for her to quit but she told e something really strange and that is that being humiliated actually turns her on....as in a LOT.

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This story sounds like something you find in piles. It starts out steamy and warm, but smells really bad and usually originates near the anal region of a bull!

This story just does not ring true.

I guess this is your fantasy