It Actually Came From Answering An Ep Question.

Zombiecat asked what one thing you would take if your house was burning down.

I couldnt bear the thought of losing everything, so i started thinking if there was a way to save more than just 1 thing. It took me less than a minute to figure out a way to save the majority of my possessions.

Almost all my possessions, in fact every possession i would miss is stored in my bedroom. A standard wooden interior door can hold back a fire for 10-15 minutes. So lets assume the worst.

I have 10 minutes to get my possessions out of my room along with myself, and safely away from the house. First i take a large blanket and stuff up the cracks in my door, this will take no more than a minute. My bedroom window is single glazed, so i shoudl be able to smash it out in about 2 minutes. This leaves me about 7 minutes.

What was probably an extension to the living room has left an outcropping below my window. Much of my stuff is still in boxes in my closet, i would esitmate that throwing anything delicate in suitcases and my duvet cover then dropping them onto the ledge below my window will take me about 1 or 2 minutes, anything broken in my haste is probably repairable, or an acceptable price for saving everything else. Most things in my room are surprisingly light or robust, so will survive being thrown out my window directly into the garden below. Another minute lost.

4 Minutes remain. I then evacuate my computer and any other heavier objects onto the ledge below. There roof there is rather sturdy, and there isnt much in that part of the living room to burn, so it shouldn't be structurally unsound yet. By now i should have about 1 minute before my room starts to burn, which gives me 1 minute to double check that i havent left anything else i want to keep in my room.

0 hour has come, and my the fire has eaten through my door, smoke has filled my room, and fire is spreading in, i guess about 1 minute before my room is completely lost.

My window is on the opposite side of my room to my door, so i have 1 minute to hop my possessions the very short distance from my house to my garage. My garage is the same height as the ledge below my window, has a flat roof and is made entirely of brick and metal, so is not likely to burn with the house. The roof is unlikely to take my weight, but the brick wall is, so as long as i stay close to the edge, i believe i can make several quick trips with my possessions, and place them on the roof of the garage in the 1 minute available.

I have now saved all my valuable possessions, barring my TV set-up in the living room, but there has to be some sacrifices and got them to a safe distance from my house, along with myself, and pissed off every firefighter at the scene :)
MrWinstonSmith MrWinstonSmith
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

It seem you have too much time on your hands, wouldn't it be easier to walk away first and examine the situation from a safe distance before you do anything crazy. Statistically, it takes three minutes from a room to be completely burned down, thats from the first spark of fire, all the your worldly goods can be replaced but you can't, so why waste previous times rescuing perishable.

Because from the point the window is broken i can easily escape. I can safely jump out of the window because of the ledge below my window, i wouldnt even hurt my ankle, so why not save as much as i can in the time i have if i can easily leave any time i want?