Bring Em In!

Rabbits are great pets, they have as much personality as dogs and cats if given a chance to express their natural behaviour and show their character.  If you have a rabbit locked away in a wooden box at the end of your garden BRING IT INSIDE, they are easy to house-train and will bring you much joy. 

My house rabbit Pooka is a black doe, she squeaks and stamps her feet if she doesn't get enough attention, sleeps on my bed and licks my nose to wake me up in the morning, she uses a standard cat litter tray and doesn't chew the house to pieces as long as she's got a few bits of cardboard box to gnaw on. 

I'd hate to think of her shut away in a hutch with only a few minutes of attention a day now that I've seen just how much character she has and how loving she is.
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I let my rabbits run around, but they refused to be littertrained and pooped and peed everywhere!! They were mainly in the ba<x>sement, so now we had to call carpet cleaners to clean up the entire ba<x>sement, and switch our carpets upstairs. They chewed up a lot of carpet, too, despite having things to chew on. But now she's kept in the cage, and she's not allowed out. (We let one go.) The rabbits were never really active anyway, so it doesn't really matter. They just sit around the house and don't like playing with any toys.

i am against locking rabbits up.. i have pet rabbits litter trained for 9 years now..3 of them will be turning 8 soon. i only have a crate to carry them from my house to the car or camper if we are going on holidays. they are so sweet, and they know there names if you let them be part of your everyday life.

cool, thanks.:)

You can find loads of info on house rabbits, including little training tips at - the House Rabbit Society website! They are very easy to litter train and are very clean and tidy animals :)

my roomate and I got a pet rabbit over the weekend. It's a great pet! A long time ago, my brother had a rabbit, I've always wanted another one. I'm glad I got one again. They are great pets. How do you little box train them? We got a litter box for it.

A house rabbit!! I had no idea you could train them to be happy housemates. What a wonderful idea. If I ever have a rabbit (alas, seems unlikely), I will be sure to bring it inside :D

An ex boyfriend had a house rabbit, and he said pretty much the same thing, do you have other pets around the house? I have two cats,the old one used to sleep on top of my bunny cage and next to it when he was younger.It was cute,like they were snugglin sometimes:)