I am now a proud owner of a spunky little bunny:) She is quite colorful, the previous owners apparently tried to dye her like an easter egg or something..... She is a sweetie though. I was told by the last owners that she is fixed,however I am sure she is not. I caught her humping my male kitten........... So I guess I will be talking to the vet about fixing that tomorrow at her appointment.
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4 Responses Aug 14, 2007

Since she was doing that to the kitten, maybe she's a boy.

Rittens!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahha

What??!!! You don't want a litter of Rittens??!!!

Trixie the spunky little bunny! :D Awesome. And we can all do with a little fixing from time to time, don't feel bad, Trixie . :)