No Words Are Necessary

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30 Responses Mar 21, 2009

LOL, I'm just speechless! I wish he/she was too! <br />
<br />
Here's some food for thought!<br />
<br />

I'm glad you see it too, Johnny! He/she tucks it under those short skirts!

Seriously? She' a ***** but I mean she's hot and everything, yeah, but I mean she like has this adam's apple. Seriously.<br />
Hey, you find those tic-tacs? I could really use fifty bucks if you could turn me on to you know, some work-at-home stuff or you know, answering phones or something, seriously. Nice talking to ya, don't be a stranger, ok? <br />
Seriously though, the adam's apple???

Please don't start posting pictures of Sarah Palin in her swim suit.

Can you worship her then and forget Coulter? *Smiles*

I'm thinking we might need an intervention here.

Kitten's right...why limit yourself to one mindless bimbo?

I would go sweep out the garage... if Ann Coulter was out there. She IS hot you know...

Speechless, my Really? How about Cindy Crawford? Or Angelina? Or Shakira?

Oh good grief. I come back 24 hours later and you are still carrying on about that woman. Why don't you go sweep out the garage or something.

*Note to self... do not forget she IS HOT*

She IS hot...

A paraphrased quote i'm trying to remember from the Demetri Martin show... "This show is brought to you by Raising Your Voice... the next best thing to being right."<br />
<br />
Because ... she's stupid.<br />
<br />
Ha. Ha. Ha.

Her neck is big and manly man looking. just saying.

She's not worthy of Gregory House. You're causing my brain all kinds of problems because I hate to picture him saying such things about Coultergeist. <br />
<br />
Now Cameron and Cuddy... they're HOT.

No, bananna, "honesty" and "intelligence" are not the reasons that people hate her. They hate her because she's a disgusting pig, and I'm not even talking about her looks at the moment.

I love the hand gun one....I think that is shows a strong and resourseful woman.......I want one just like that

I don't have a crush on her but I do love her honesty and her intelligence. That's why people don't like her, because she doesn't go around being nice to everybody and telling lies to comfort the masses.

I've never seen the hand gun pic before. I like that one too...

Have you seen that pic on her web page of her sitting one someones front porch aiming a rifle? She's wearing cut-off jeans and a t-shirt... It is lovely....

Bebe, if you ever see her, RUN THE OTHER WAY!!!!!!!!

Your guru status is a little shaky right now, my friend. Ann Coulter?!?!? Ann ******* Coulter?!!?<br />
<br />
*Shaking head as I start to cry*

She makes us women bear our splayed claws! WEOW! As I swipe it his/her face. Evil incarnate!

EEEEssshhhh!!! Really??? She is one of the few women I think really SHOULD stay in the kitchen with her damn mouth shut! Her and Anita Bryant.

and she comes with her own gun too.

I don't have a huge crush on her, probably because I don't have any bi-curious feelings or transexual desires.

Ah! So you like a "woman" with a bobbing Adams apple! LOL

If you could just turn all those words nasty, could be fun.<br />
<br />
~ oh speechless, spank me ~

Speechless could make her speechless. <br />
That's the hub bub.

If only she were speechless.