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Its damn near impossible to find anywhere that sells bras in a G cup let alone a L cup. but thats just part of the curse of having huge boobs. i mean, my god, i love my girls more than anything in the world, but they are just so heavy and i cant find a bra strong enough to do the job!
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I feel like bigger bras for extra busty women should be more available by now

I agree somewhat. but at the same time, there are still a lot of people who don't know that there are bra sizes bigger than DD... those same ppl also think that anything bigger must be fake

It's amazing that someone with boobs that big can still love them.

hoped the growing stopped

My girlfriend is all natural 36L I live in ohio and we have a store where women can go and get properly fitted with the right size they have up to a size N. The name of the store is elmo's and the location is boardman ohio state route 224

I understand that there are bras in your cup size sold in Great Britain. No, it's not convenient, but it's a legitimate possibility. Good luck!

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Lilah, get on the online website for Lady Grace, as they go up to an N cup! Good luck!

Lol thanks :) but I've already found quite a few sites that are better and have more options than lady grace. And it's Liyah not Lilah

Sorry, Liyah. This is what happens when your mind operates faster than your fingers.

It's ok lol

It is nice to chat with you. Cool up here in NYC, how're things your way?

Things are well. Staying busy with work

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Contact an online store called Lady Grace. They have items that should fit you, quite well!

I also wear an L cup. There's only one bra I've found that supports well and is made well. It's not the most pretty bra, but after learning how to make bras I found that structure is the most important for comfort and lift. Its the Elila brand bra. You can buy it online. I've been wearing it for years and highly recommend.

Wow, just wow! But then you love them which is awesome. I have to admit I am envious. I'm a MTF and would love to be as well endowed as you someday when I transition despite the problems.

oh **** ....those are some big ****!! wooo man pillows

Women pillows too for those of us who are so inclined ;-)

Many women have been inclined lol

They do look very good though, not too saggy

Thank you :)

Look for a specialty store like that one on the TV show, Double D Divas

i envy you

i am a B

B is nice ...its not the size that matters its the woman behind them that does

I say at this point...screw the bra and let them go...you sound most incredible...

I would love them too

Bravissimo (a UK shop) has a beautiful catalog and quite a selection of large cup sizes. Give them a go...they are online too.

I am sorry for you-BUT you looks amazing))))

Hi - you look great- please be proud of yourself, this said another girl on this site has a really good connection for larger bra sizes. her name is megank and some numbers following. Sorry i tried to cut and paste a link but it didn't work- i thought she was on this ( i have a huge cup size, discussion but now i dont see it. My cut-n-paste didn't work, will have to try again, hold on

reddit.com/r/bigboobproblems has a lot of information that you would probably find very helpful.

I would love to have an ANR with you right now.

Make bras yourself. Is that an option for you?

That sucks, these kind of sizes should be the sexiest bras under the sun. They sould show what amazing gifts of nature and "fertility" are hidden inside and that this is a very very sexy super feminine woman. L cup, I just get dizzy of happyness imagining how they must feel and move. I spend the day yesterday with a friend that I'm really close and she probably has a J cup and I just knew that she was the sexiest woman in the whole room, the way her blouse was filled, a total dream. And in the pool then, the way they floated, so amazing and hot. I think she still does not know how sexy they are and why they are so large, that there are quite a lot of men out there that really prefer and long for such amazing large breasts.

That was written in January. It's now August. How have things changed?

well ive found a fair amount of bras in my size online... a few a good, but some are still not too supportive

The black one in your photos looks really good. Supportive and sexy.

yeah thats why its my favorite :)

Simply beautiful

Try Lady Grace. They have a great web site, a toll free number for shopping assistance and good selection in large sizes.

Hahaha, I know what that feels like XD I can only ever have my bras tailored. It's costly, but definitely worth it ^-^

they make custom ones, search da web

I think my hands might do the job!

that is crazy...my friend is a T cup right now...it's bad she has a custom bra and it's 300 bucks..******* sucks

Keep your ABS strong too Liyah21! This goes hand in hand with a strong back. Doing 100 situps isn't necessarily what it is. Leg lifts with you hands under your butt, pelvis on the ground is a great exercise that can substitute some crunches. Try doing the entire alphabet, lower case and upper case, legs together without touching the floor. If you do it properly you'll feel the burn. Remember with situps and crunches, keep your head in one position and focus your eyes on one spot on the ceiling when you rise. I find that folding my hands together and putting them under my chin with my elbows out doesn't allow me to strain my neck and cheat the motion. Good luck.

Hi Liyah21!<br />
<br />
I'd like to encourage you to keep yourself steadfast in proper diet and exercise like one poster already mentioned. I come from a family of super busty women but none of them have back problems but everyone is different. One of the best things you can do for yourself IMO is to maintain a strong back and strong abs. You will have less pain if your core is strong. Also, don't be afraid of using free weights, especially for your shoulders, arms,legs and expecially your chest. You won't get bodybuilder muscles and being cut with curves is super sexy! <br />
<br />
Your best friends could be the incline, decline and flat benches if you have access to these at a local gym. The weights don't need to be heavy because repetitiion is the key to getting toned, cut and fit muscles. Think light to moderate weights and exercising for endurance. OMT, I successfully trained and helped a JJ cup woman change her mind 180 degrees about going under the knife for a reduction. All it took was some non-perverted professional guidance and encouragement about staying balanced, fit and strong. She's lost a chunk of weight off her waist and legs but none from her boobs. Her husband thanked me immensely now that she's pain free. BTW, you do have nice cleavage from your picture if I can say that without offending you. Good luck.

thanx for the tips :) ive already been going to the gym to do back exercises and they've really helped! even though i dont feel as much pain, they are still really heavy lol

Elila has a soft cup bra up to a N cup, The straps are pretty wide and the bra is quite supportive. You can order them at www.ladygrace,com or www.HerRoom.com

You could build back and shoulder muscles and exercise. That's what I do. I'm riddled with Gigantomastia and have breasts that weigh about 18 pounds. I have virtually no back pain :3

thats exactly what ive started to do

Good :) You should be on your way to being almost painless then :3

yeah. but its impossible for them to be completely painless when they weigh almost 15 lbs

lol. mine weigh 15.5 pounds and don't hurt at all.

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So is there such a thing as too big

nice size...wish i could see them in the flesh and right in fornt of my face...add me love.

if you live in southern california there is a place in monrovia

I found out the other place to buy larger size bras.their bras stat at a size 30K and go up to size 58J the company .Herroom.com/h.html I hope this will help you they really have pretty bras.

wow that is big

My friend has 36/J'S she has a hard time but if you have a TJ Max They do have pretty sexy bras at times I'm not sure if they would have your size.it sound like you really have huge one.Of course I like all sizes.they are all beautiful to me.From what I can see you have very beautiful breast !!

TJ Max certantly doesnt have bras in my size

And I can't be shirtless, only during PE class

Perhaps you should consider to go bra less and not preoccupy with bad fitting bras. It's healthier NOT to wear a bra but I can understand your huge breasts need some support. I'd LOVE to support your breasts lifting them from under your breasts and relieving you from their weight.