Yep! I always go for the biggest cup size!
We ARE talking about coffee, right????
snowangelashley snowangelashley
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Yes bigger is better up top!!

I like that! When it comes to big cup sizes I'd go for the coffee option. As for small cup - I find them very appealing.

Right black right?

ha ha...absolutely!

Absolutely, I prefer a smaller cup so I can drink it all before it gets cold. And smaller cups are easyer to hold.

nothing worse than cold cups!!!! :)

Venti all the way

I always go for the biggest coffee size too lol.


I thought we were talking about Jock straps!

hi, we can talking about coffee please?

Lol.. I love the way you say it!!!!
Unfortunately im not a coffee lover!!
Enjoy your cuppa!!!

That's right! I love my coffee in Grande-Venti size cup.