At the age of 17 right now m my cup size is 36 DD..... i just hope that they dont grow bigger .... i especially hate it when people just want to stare at them

i might consider the option of a brest reduction surgery in the comng years ... it would actually be easier to even buy bras without them looking like granny bras
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Stop worrying be beautiful many woman are much bigger up top

no no never do that...big breasts are a fancy....that is why people stare at you must be lovely looking

Don't inslut godly gift. Girlz beg for bigger

Can we see?

my x-girlfriend did that her boob's were so big it killed her back and she was a nurse so on her feet and them killed her back

Small is best and bigger is good. Be proud on what you have it. Just kick in *** who stare on your boob.

People will definitely stare, honestly just take it with pride?

I know a lot of girls who constantly complain about their boob size, and of course, as I guy I can't empathize with it.

But I don't think you should change your body. I think you should embrace and be proud of them.

I knew someone with the same problem. She did get the breast reduction surgery and was extremely happy with it. She struggled to do a lot of things--running, dancing, golf, buying bras and tops.

Unfortunately, no matter what your breast size is, someone is always looking.

Yes I am a guy, but I have massive respect for any person and especially women.
I will not lie, I have a boob fetish, but not in a creepy way or anything, they just complete the female figure in my opinion.
Please dont feel bad about having superior breasts, be proud! When people look, be like "Hell yeah that's right, you wish you had breasts like these!"
Personally I congratulate you for this and I truly hope you find comfort with not only this matter but any others arising related to your body!
Good lucK! and thank you for contributing to the female beauty :)

I have a great childhood friend who is built fairly small and had VERY large breasts in HS. It got to the point where she was having severe back pain as a result of her huge guns. She got a breast reduction surgery and has never been happier.

Good luck love. *hugs*

i could see how big boobs would be unwanted if you don't like that kind of attention. just wear baggy clothes and work out, if you get fit your boobs are usually the first thing to shrink.

Reduction surgery would be a good option for many reasons. After time having such a large bust size will take its toll on your back and body, not to mention your pocketbook. I suggest you wait till after you have kids (if you choose to have any)
My sister is a 40F and that was before she had 2 kids.
In whatever you decide to do just do what is best for you. Consider all your options, do your research and take care of yourself.

nooooo please don't tell 17 year olds to get surgery, they are insecure enough. There are cases where it might be necessary, but just let her figure that out when she becomes an adult.

My comment was ment for her to realize she has options. Not just suggesting surgery. If she does decide to go under the knife I STRONGLY suggest she do A LOT of research before. Including what doctors to talk to, friends & family. I think surgery is the last option she should choose. Its expensive, invassive and

i think it's best to have large, but not huge boobs
speaking from experience (current), having no boobs is so embarrassing

Its good to have one, always and be proud of it :)

Do you have back problems?

no ... i am 17 so have absolutely no back problems

I can understand that, but being a breast guy, I hope that you wait and maybe you will become more comfortable, if you get them measured you can get pretty bras that are comfortable

You are disgusting for writing this to an underage girl. You are disgusting for just saying such a thing to a girl period.

i think you need to calm down ...... i know what i am doing

I'm not sure a chiropractor would agree

True enough, if having back problems, then should have a reduction

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Don't advertise it on the internet then...

Been there it did bother me but now I'm proud of who I am as a whole person. Please get measured then pick the bra, there are some beautiful ones available.

Oh that is most definitely not a bad thing! I hope you'll keep them!! :)

I'm actually curious about them I'd love to see them lol kik ?

Your still young things change over time , it's possible it may change to your liking :) plus there's nothing wrong with having a nice rack :p

Message me

There's no need for surgery, a girl with curves has more power over a guy than a girl like a twig does

Just get a good measured bra

It is the one thing you can do is get one that actually fits. You probably wear sports bras on occasion too. I find it helps make them look a little smaller and are well supported.

I do know a girl who had the same problem, she did a surgery and feels much more comfortable now. She also has less back problems..

36 DD is a nice size , don't worry

wait please!!
your size is beautiful!!

well it sure is a pain to have a huge cup size ...

I know, but with age you will love your breasts and be proud of them believe me.

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Its sad but some people like getting that kind of attention. I hope she has good parental supervision. Smh

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