To me, being shapely in general is just annoying. No matter how much I cover up there's always somebody staring like they've never seen boobs or *** before. As if over here in America every woman is a ******* stick. It's difficult finding nice clothes to wear without looking like some chick from out of a hip hop music video.
OfSweetestNothings OfSweetestNothings
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Awwww well at least you dont have to worry about push up bras or breast augmentation

Stop you're ******* male ego is showing. Don't downplay other women for having different breast sizes.

Thats not that bad of a look but what look are you trying to capture.....something sexy, I hope

You guessed wrong.

Any hints


Hi OfSweetestNothings,
I read your story, and I want to offer my sympathy. It's unfortunate that people stare, making you feel uncomfortable. However, for men, it is natural to be attracted to a 'curvy' female. It's just that in today's society, an 'ideal' image of women is projected in our faces every minute of every day to the point where we're made to feel nothing else is attractive. A lot of men have to repress their feelings of attraction (for feelings of shame) when they see a curvy lady, which results in unhealthy social behaviour such as staring. Liberated men can break these barriers and can approach and talk to women who look like you, without projecting the 'creepiness' that is universally hated.

Please stop trying to sugarcoat my experience into society's image and repressing a man's feelings. Df kind of **** is that? A ****** *** excuse. I feel uncomfortable! Why does that bother you? Why does that bother's men egos? Why can't I feel uncomfortable and you men just simply respect??? How would you like being stalked around and teased at like a stupid animal for looking like society's image?

Just ignore them. You've to love your body it's Gods given