I Started Early

I think my foot fetish started early. In kindergarter my teacher's daughter would occasionally come to our class. She was an attractive woman probably in her 30's. I remember her wearing high heels with open toes. I still remember staring at her feet.

Till this day the sight of a woman with nice manicured feet is a real turn on for me. I love the summer and flip flops.

I have managedĀ  to go to some clubs in NYC and have been able to play out some foot worship scenarios with some nice ladies. I loved it!!
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1 Response Jan 17, 2012

Started young for me 2 I didn't realize until a few years ago I was watching a home video of me when I was 2 and it was Christmas day and my aunt was sitting in the chair with her feet up( she has very nice feet) and I went over there and put her toes in my mouth... She didn't know I had a foot fetish and just thought it was funny