Karen Ignoring Me

Several years ago I had a girlfriend named Karen. She was a super cute dark-haired brown eyed half-Korean chick. She had a bubbly personality, nice round boobs and the prettiest size 8 feet.
Karen had a pair of black flats that she liked to shoeplay with. One of the first times we hung out we sat and watched TV at my apartment. Karen slipped one of her black flats half-off her foot. My eyes wandered down to it. Karen then slipped it all the way off for a second, then put her foot back into it. I looked over at her, and saw she had seen me looking down at her foot. "Do you mind if I take my shoes off? Expose my feet?" he asked.
There was something about the unnecessary addition of "Expose my feet?" that I just loved. There was something just so...teasing about it. "Go right ahead," I told her, smiling that I would be graced the sight of her pretty feet.
Not long after I confessed to Karen I had a foot fetish, sensing she'd be receptive to it, and she was. She told me about how she used to have a female friend, and that whenever they got together, they'd always touch each others' feet. "It felt so good," Karen purred, then added, chuckling to herself a little, "I'm like 'It felt so good'". Again, another teasing, unnecessary addition that really turned me on. I should have pressed Karen for more details about this friend.
Karen and I used to make out, and she'd always purr "Mmmm, that feels so good". It almost sounded like a chick blissed out on ecstasy, but it wasn't. Karen didn't do drugs.
I gave Karen a pair of blue and white Bass penny loafers that were super cute. She'd slip them off and shoeplay with them, and it was such a turn on to me.
One night as we sat on her bed, I asked Karen if I could suck her toes, and she said sure. She grabbed a magazine, and laid on her belly, face away from me, and legs cocked up at the knees with her feet right in my face. I started sucking on her toes, and stroking her other foot with my fingers. Karen slid her foot in and out of my mouth, making sure I got a chance to suck all her toes. She switched from one foot to the other, pushing both in and out of my mouth. She listened to a whole Belle and Sebastian album while I worshipped her feet, ignoring me and reading her magazine. Now and then, she purr, "Mmmm," but said nothing to me. After Belle and Sebastian ended, Karen got up, put on Edith Piaf, then laid back down, facing away from me again, letting me go right back to sucking on her gorgeous feet. My foot worship must have been pretty relaxing, because Karen feel asleep with her foot still in my mouth! (Her knee wasn't cocked up at that point; her foot was about down on the bed, or as close as my mouth would allow it.) I could hear her snoring softly and everything. It was so hot to me that she ignored me while I sucked on her feet and then fell asleep! I came really hard while I sucked on her sleeping foot.
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great story, i have done similar things, kinda like being ignored as i worship feet

That's awesome please add me

Sweet i love when a female use a face like a footstool and pay me no mind,