Isolation Foot Fun

When I was 16 in my last year of school I was put in a detention system one day called isolation which was this room they put the people who had done something against the schools rules that day it was just me and this girl that I had a crush on in my year her name was Naomi, she was acute blonde with piercing blue eyes and had an amazing set of breasts we are normally supervised in isolation but they had to leave for 20 minutes, so they locked me and Naomi in this room with no windows. We were just sitting there quietly and I was secretly staring at her feet she was wearing open top flats and she was dangling them off her bare soles. I couldn't take my eyes off her high arches, her feet looked so soft I really wanted to taste them. She noticed me staring and called me over she opened up with "Were you staring at my feet"? me looking guilty as ever replied with "yes". She then asked me if I had a foot fetish which I replied with "maybe a little bit" at this point in my life I was quite shy about my fetish. She smiled and kicked off both her shoes and put them up on the table in front of my face they were so close I could smell the sweet scent of her wiggling toes. she told me to massage them for her so I did then she started getting frisky with her other foot as I was massaging one and she rubbed it up my and down my leg then rubbed my crotch with her beautiful foot, at this point my **** was bulging trying to bust out she rubbed her soft arch along my shaft and said for me to lick the foot I was massaging so I did. I felt as if I was dreaming because I couldn't believe my luck, she rubbed her foot up and down my tongue moaning ever so slightly with pleasure I knew she was enjoying it and I was really enjoying it. she started to unzip my trousers to release my throbbing **** from its restraints with a deviant smirk on her face and then we heard the key in the door, the supervisor had returned and we stopped abruptly sitting back in our original seats as if nothing happened me still with a raging ***** had to excuse myself to the bathroom as I got up Naomi looked over to me and winked I then rushed to the bathroom because I had to blow my load. That moment made it into my top 5 foot fetish encounters. share your stories with me in return and join my circle newcomers are always welcomed :) Footguru22.
Footguru22 Footguru22
Jan 16, 2013