The Girl Next Door

I know this sounds so cliche as so many people write about this topic and films created about them but I had a genuine real life Foot fetish encounter with the girl next door her name was Emily she was my sisters best friend growing up and she was beautiful. Vibrant strawberry blonde hair, stunning bright green eyes and the best feet I have ever seen in real life to this day. They were perfectly shaped with the nicest even arch to it with the sweetest tasting toes, I say this because there were times where me and her would hang out just the two of us I don't know for sure if she knew of my foot fetish or that I just liked playing with them at the time. These days I think she knows but she always used to ask me to give her sweet smelling feet a massage and I would always sneak a lick or a kiss when she weren't looking but she clocked on one day and said it felt nice so I done it again she claimed that it felt better than the massage itself so I soaked her soft feet with my tongue and sucked on her toes. She loved it and would invite me round her house to do it more often then afterwards It was my favourite pass time but then unfortunately we got older and the dream had to end some time my mother still lives next door to her parents to this day and there are times I visit my mother to see her doing the same with her parents we still stop and chat but don't hang out anymore but she teases me with her feet from afar in her flip flops posing her soles at me and smiling at me. such a shame it had to end :/ Footguru22.

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Footguru22 Footguru22
Jan 22, 2013