Reading Is My Escape...

I love reading, I always have. Reading is my escape, right along with music. I love reading about other peoples lives, but I also love some fiction work as well. I can promise this to the world; if it were not for books and music I wouldn't be here. Books introduce people to worlds otherwise we would not know. And if you read like me, experiencing the story in full as if you were right there with the writer, your world expands and so does the imagination. You can become more cultured just by opening the pages of a beautiful book :)

I will say, one fear I have is with these new kindles and etc real books will one day be no more. Silly as it may sounds, I love having my library collection overflowing onto the floor, I love holding a REAL book in my hands, writing thoughts and notes in the margins, and SEEING, feeling, smelling (yes, smelling) a new book. I have nothing against electronic objects obviously... I just hope they do not end up replacing physical books some day. *shutter
TheUsedMisfit TheUsedMisfit
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2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

THANK GOD FOR YOU TOO! lol it's hard to find people who agree and i don't get it. it's good to see someone else understands that holding the book in your hands is "part of the escape".... we need to educate the world of kindle lovers about this lol :]

Oh my god! Thank you! I am so happy that someone else agrees with this entire Kindle vs book thing. I have one of my former English/Lit teachers in love with it. but I must say, I have to have a book in my hands if I'm going to escape into the world and go on their adventure with them.