Wall Around My Heart

I've built this wall around my heart,
and slowly over time.
With every loss that I endure,
higher and higher it climbs.

A fortress shielding me from pain,
nobody can break through.
You met me at its highest point,
this is so unfair to you.

My wall was built to hide the scars
not meant for you to see.
The memories of who I once was,
so innocent and free.

The hardened shell that I've become,
is all that you see now.
Afraid to let my guard come down,
do you dare to show me how.

Brick by brick
Stone by stone
If you tear it down
I won't be home

Are we more like one and the same,
both having been hurt too?
My armoured heart might just appear
all too familiar with you.

If you can comprehend the fear
of letting love begin.
Is it possible for you to use
these tools to break it in?

A chisel used to bare our souls,
ever gentle, piece by piece.
Carving out a brand new start,
old boundries soon will cease.

An axe to break away all doubt,
they slowly shall erase.
Crumbling all the lack of trust,
leaving only but a trace.

Brick by brick
Stone by stone
If you tear it down
I might be home

Have we damaged the foundation,
has the wall begun to shake?
Did we allow this change of balance
to give way for it to break?

The wall has started falling,
it's only now that we can breathe.
With our hearts so unprotected,
it's the love that we shall seize.

You have given me your trust
and so I shall do the same.
You have handed me the torch
to build a fire from it's flame.

Give in to this new life we seek,
face the fear and all the pain.
Knowing that deep down inside,
there is everything to gain.

Brick by brick
Stone by stone
If you tear it down
I will be home
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1 Response Sep 14, 2010

Very, very good. Wise, too....