No More Pain

if i could lock up my heart (so to speak),so as not to let anyone hurt me again, i would. my heart has been broke so many times, i will never be whole again. i let people in , but only a few. i now i will be hurt again, its a part of life. but now i guard my feelings, n i have learned to be cold inside, to some.i wont be foolish n just let someone in. i have my few close family, but i have built up a wall, around my heart so noone can ever get in again, n hurt me like i have been hurt before. the pain, when u feel as if something is tearing your heart apart, it hurts to breathe, n u feel like dying,i wont let u in.noone will hurt me like that again.

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2 Responses Sep 5, 2009

Yes love can hurt so much that words cannot describe.<br />
Your protective attitude is understandable but is that really what you want?Is the answer really to deny any more love that might be coming to you? <br />
You can be selective but make sure you dont shut out people that actually want to give you love.

It is better to have loved. Shakespeare said you can love and lose, but I say you can not lose if you love. Unfortunately, most people have the wrong notion of Love. Love is not the infatuation which Hollywood shows; it rejoices in giving. It neither expects nor requires ANYTHING in return, therefore it rejoices more when it gets anything returned.