Do Walls Shut Out Others Or Imprison the One Who Builds Them?

What a gift to have a kind and caring heart!  Yet, kind and caring hearts can and do ultimately risk being broken...intentionally or accidentally.  Sometimes the pieces can be put back together again and the heart mended...sometimes, the wound is primal and perhaps never heals without infinite compassion and unlimited love...

So, self-preservation steps in.  Tiny band-aids seem harmless at first...after all, they do stop the bleeding...sort of.  But the heart is still tender, wounded, raw and the flow can no longer be contained by the mere gauze bands.  The heart binds itself tighter, more protectively...In time, it has encased itself like a mummy! 

I have a that kind, caring generous heart.  I take more pleasure in giving that receiving.  What happens when two givers meet, both wanting to give their all?  The heart does not know how to accept...Just desiring to love and be loved becomes a curious puzzle...The ache of "just let me love you" becomes misunderstood...

Yet, beneath the layers of protective wrappings lies a very vulnerable heart, pulsing, beating, loving...If both the heart of the lover and the beloved could be laid  bare and wrapped together in the same binding, perhaps that would heal the wounds of a lifetime, the abandonment, the loneliness, the fear...

It takes great love and great patience to win the trust of a feral cat, a rescue dog, an abandoned foster child, a betrayed lover...but, it can be done.

Does anyone have that gift yet today in a world of instant satisfaction and gratification?  Are the best things in life still waiting for?  Does the destination compensate the journey?  Is forever worth the day?

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2 Responses Sep 27, 2009

You just need to have it rest for a bit. <br />
<br />
Put your heart on ice, and play some good music for it. Let it rest.<br />
<br />
It'll be ready to give again, but while it's resting...take whatever lessons you can from the past and try to be a little more selective in where you give.<br />
<br />
Learn to be a little bit selfish, and keep some of that love for yourself. Care enough about yourself to not give your love away to those who don't deserve or appreciate it.

I have taken in many lost animals. Helped feed the homeless with the last of my money, traveled a great distance to help a friend. All to get slapped in the face.<br />
<br />
The walls weigh my heart down and it's far harder to keep trying again and again when the outcome never changes.<br />
<br />
When peace is held within, turmoil and suffering try to follow.<br />
I'd love to remove the walls and be the kind hearted person I am, only how do you find someone like those you talk of. Friends in EP are nice yet companionship and compassion can't be shared through a screen and typed messages.