I Love This Story! It Tells You How I (secretly) Work...

A man happens to be out hunting in the wild, and comes upon a makeshift camp, with a young boy standing there holding a rifle. Surrounding the boy are bottles and cans scattered about everywhere, some 100 or more yards away, and each of them has a bulls eye, shot through dead center, perfect marks, each dead on, leaving holes in the middle of every can, bottle and target available.

"Son," the man asks, "who’s the marksman?"

"I am, sir," the boy smiles.

"You mean to tell me you hit every one of these bulls eyes by yourself? That would make you the best marksman the world has ever known!"

"Oh, I didn’t actually hit the bullseyes, sir," the boy continues frankly. "I just stand here and shoot, then I go out and draw circles around wherever I hit something."
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1 Response Feb 23, 2010

lol, this boys' parents taught him well!!! (depending on how you see it)