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My husband has been in the county jail for a month and a half'where i had been able to visit him 3x a week.This morning I got the call he has finally been moved to state prison to do his time.He is being moved really far awy from me and I'd have to rent a car to see him once a month if I can figure out the money situation, somehow. Otherwise I will wait until he comes home.I am blessed that my husband is only doing months, not years. He got 16 mos. but eligible for 1/2 time.Still, it doesn't hurt any less. He is still gone, I still sleep alone, and I still miss him horribly and unconsoleably. Although he was on parolw when I met him, he has never gone away from me before. Thank you for this website and letting me be a part of it.

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3 Responses Jul 16, 2010

I agree with the above comment, me and my husband always say that to each other, no matter what time does not stop, that is something they can not take away from you. Last weekend was the first weekend in 3 years I got to hug and kiss my husband in a very long time, I was and still am so happy, Hang in there ladie time will pass and believe it or not everything will slowly come together. Just hang in there do NOT give up, your love will get you through all the bullshit.... If you ever need to talk i'm here and going through it also :) stay strong

my husband was sentenced to 2 years in sept of 08.....he ended up doing 4 months pen time and 11 months halfway house. The end seemed so far away, everyday was a new struggle. Just remember this time WILL pass and you'll look back at this at a memory...keep ur chin up

I'm with you on that one, I'm hoping mine will be out 16 months which is the earliest, I have to rent cars to see mine too... mine just got moved to his mother institution, so now i have to wait to get $$$ and be approved to go and see him... It's hard ... if u need to talk im here