1 Month 4 Days Down, ???? To Go. :(

My husband is currently a county inmate waiting for one charge thats been given to grand jury and has a ton of other misdemeanor charges that hes being held for. Plus 2 more felony charges in another county that he hasnt even been to court for yet. I feel like im losing my mind. It mainly boils down to the fact that he is a drug addict and alcoholic. He went on a crime spree just to support his habit. I cant talk to my family or his about how i feel. My family is angry and doesnt understand
His family acts understanding but is just really tired of all the crap. I love him and it hurts that we r apart but i also feel like he deserves to be where he is at. We have no idea really about how much time he is looking at yet. Im just going crazy, between the super expensive phone calls, him being transfered over an hour away, and just the unknown. I know someone has to understand how im feeling
Jess82780 Jess82780
31-35, F
May 13, 2012