Scared To Death

My husband was sentenced to life in prison for a murder he didnt commit and then ing through courts and fighting last year he was told the judge overturned his conviction and would be out in August after serving 5yrs. We got word last month the da was appealing to the supreme court of tn to have that overturned and they agreed with her. So now we are fighting to get a habias corpus from the federal court for his release since there are so many things the suprme over looked. It scares me to death cause if this fails then its life with the possibility of parole. I am so scared that they wont free him and everyday it breaks my heart.
Ricosbooboo Ricosbooboo
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1 Response May 13, 2012

hello im from buffalo my husband jus got 25 to life for a muder he didnt do so we wiating to go back on appeal