Love For Joe

My husband is named Joe. He is a loving and compassionate man. He had three years left on probation when he found himself in the wrong place. He was arrested for another persons crime. Manufacturing Meth. Yes, he is innocent. Completely. But, the arrest started the process of a warrant for probation violation in another county. He voluntarily turned himself in, and has been in the county jail now for the past seven weeks. He finally went to court yesterday on the probation violation and the judge revoked his probation. It was devastating news for all of us. His court date for the manufacturing charge is July 3rd, and his attorney expects it will be dismissed. He is extremely confident of that. If the charge is dismissed then the other judge can overturn the revocation of his probation. If he will actually do it is another thing. I am praying for my Joe. He is a wonderful man who has turned his life around and done nothing but good things for the past three years. But, it seems like nothing is ever enough for our judicial system. It feels like they want to keep him behind bars. They could have cared less yesterday about all he has accomplished over the past three years. They assume, because of his past that he is guilty now. I was not married to him before, when he was in all the other trouble. I knew him, but was not his girl then. These past few weeks have been hell, and we are possibly looking at several years of him being incarcerated. I will never leave his side. I just don't know how I will make it through emotionally. Everyday is full of grief and sadness.

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3 Responses Jun 1, 2012

I'm glad you got to see him.<br />
Keep your head up :)

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am trying my best to do the things you mention. Some days I manage, but others not so much. There is just so much uncertainty at this point. It is a terrifying situation. But, we got a visit today, so today was a good day. Thank you for your support. I appreciate and need it so much.

Girl, stay strong and keep your head up..<br />
He will need your support and have faith in each other. I know it is hard for the both of you but you guys can do it. Try to think of the positive times you had,and of the new ones you will have again.<br />
Wishing you all the best.