I Have A Husband Going To Prison

i have a husband who is facing a life sentence he has spent most of his life in and out of jail and prisons. we have known eachother for 17 years but have been married for 4 years we know have a son together and he is only a 1 1/2 years old. the pain i am feeling and all the hurt is devestating i think it is more painful then dealing with death to me i love my husband but throughout our relationship he was very abusive and what happened is he hit me in the face while i was holding our son from that moment on i knew i had to get awqy from him cause he was on drugs and he is very crazy and violent when he uses so it took alot for me to leave i always said i would but never got the courage to before well this time that i did leave he went out and did something really stupid and hurt someone bad now he is being charged with attempted murder in the first degree and some other serious charges the man diddnt die but he had alot of serious injuries at times i blame myself that if i wouldnt have left with our son he wouldnt have done this but then again it could have been me that this happened to nobody understands me so i keep to myself me and my husband have had good times when we wernt using but now i am really feeling the pain not only for myself but im feeling it for my baby to he doesnt ask for his day and i was taking him to see him in jail but that was getting hard i always talk to him about his dady and show him pictures of them together but it breaks my heart and im the one left to deal with the affects that it has on our son i miss him so much and this still feels like a dream . i cry all the time at night i wish i knew how to get through it
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1 Response Sep 20, 2012

Think about your son and walk away. You both had a narrow escape.