The Love Of My Life Is In Prison

Finally meeting the man, that my heart longed too, and than to have him snatched not once but twice before my eyes, hand cuffed, and taken. The first time he was taken he was only in jail, which was about 10 minutes away from my house so it wasn't that bad, i got letters about almost everyday, and i got to hear his voice, and see him at visitation, without no problems, he was only gone for about 7 months and a half, and than he was out on bail. those 5 months were the best time of my life, not only did he help me find my inner self, but he also make me overcome my insecurities, this man saved my life, and make me the person that i am today, and strong and gifted women., when he got sentenced i knew he wasn't just going to be 10 minutes down the street as he once was, i knew he was going to be hours away, i don't get to see him that often which makes the situation even worst, i don't get letters like i once did, and i don't get to talk to him on the phone, lets just say this time, is the hardest, feeling like your on your own. and there is just no way to get to him, that moment when all you can do is cry, or just think of the memories that lies between you both, of those moments that you know he loves you, memories is all you have to remind how you feel in love in the first place.  i will never forget those words he said, " i promise my wife, i am a changed man" and i trusted him, and before my eyes i seen what he was trying to say, but i knew it didn't change the fact that he was only out on bail, and was eventually going to get sentenced, 1 year and 2 months, no matter all the time in the world they may try to keep the love of my life away, i am not going to give up, they can have my husband, but they cant have him forever, for they can not have the most important part of him, his HEART, i will always be here for him, we will make it i promise you babe, we will fight for love, so they may keep a bar to part us, or distance to drift us, but they will never separate us. i love you will all my heart, this much i promise you, always && forever;72211 
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Don't forget to mention to him how life is a journey and with all journeis it is not wether or not you arrive at the destination you want to when you first head out but every thing and every one you changed for the better and every one you aloud to change you that will be be remembered. been locked up twice and on parole once.

I so love this, it reminds me of the love that I share... my quote is I love that man right where he is, and you said something that has made me really thuink, they can have him for now, but Ill have him forever! I lvoe that

thankss mamas, its from the heart.