My Love Of My Life Is In Prison:'( And I Don't Know What To Do

Well i am very scarred for my husband and our love.. well my story starts like this we met 2 years and 11 months ago we have no kids i am 20 and he is 19 he asked me to marry him when he was 19 and i said yess he'll be turning 20 ..but are lifes were different he is in a gang and its hard to say that i am a gangsters wife but my husband got locked up recently in front of my eyes for attempted muder yess i am a witness for him..but its hard to change him but we love eachother i dont know how long he will get untill they sentice him but i am scarred and worried i will loose him he been in there only for 3 months and i been waiting for him he is changing and leaving that life alone because i told him he needs to have a better life but i am worried we are goin to loose are love for eachother im tryin and struggling everday..
Andria1 Andria1
Nov 26, 2012