I am 30 weeks (7 1|2 months) pregnant and my child's father is in prison. He has been incarcerated since I was about 2 months along. It's so hard being away from him, especially being pregnant. My honey is currently serving a 6 to 15 year sentence; it's a lot to deal with, to say the very least. I think that the most troubling aspect of this situation is my son (Yes, I'm expecting a boy) not being able to have a relationship with his father. It's also hard to know that he really wants to be involved but he just can't. When the baby gets here, we can visit him but it's just not the same as him actually being home and us being able to be a FAMILY. This is our first child and something that we wanted for so long and now that we have him, it sucks that my hubby has to miss out on it all. Even with all the calls and letters I still find my self feeling lonely at times. I'm HONESTLY being faithful to him; hand on the bible, so I really am by my self. Sometimes I just break down and cry. He is not only the father of my child, but the love of my life. Being away from him is devastating. I don't think there's anyone who could ever feel the heartache that I've felt over the past several months. Everyone keeps telling me that it's not the end of the world and that things will get better but I guess you could say that I can't see the forest for the trees because this is to me the worst scenario. We were joined at the hip our whole relationship; we woke up to each other, we went to sleep to each other, we spent our every waking moment together and now that I can't even talk to him regularly is like a chain smoker quitting cold turkey; it's HARD. I'm trying my best to stay strong for my son most of all, but I have my days. I'm also trying to stay strong for my babe too; I know he needs me, I'm all he has aside from our son. He's used to me being this strong, superwoman, as I have been our whole relationship and I know to see me broken down would devastate him. He is my heart; I love him dearly and I miss him.
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I understand your pain. My husband was convicted in a Court martial through the army last week and I'm 8 months pregnant with our son. Our relationship is a lot like yours; we did EVERYTHING together and now that he's not around I'm lost. Everyone tells me I have to be strong for the baby but I've been obsessed with trying to get him out of there. I hope things work out for you and I wish you both the best. Congrats on your son and don't forget that when he's here you'll have a piece of your man with you all the time.

It's good to know that someone on this Earth understands.. I pray that things turn out in your favor as well. Oh, & congratulations on the baby (: