In Love And Confused

Im a 36yr old woman about a yr ago I was with a friend of mine whn she got a ph call from her male cousin thats in jail it was someone that I'd had a little bit of history with before he went to jail some yrs ago it wasn't anything serious but anyway every since tht day we haven't missed a day of talkin its bn like a yr the only problem is he has somebody thts bn there for him before we became an idiom he says he loves me and she doesn't mean anything to him she's just there to supply his financial needs while he's in jail just last month he told me he doesn't speak to her anymore but i kno he's lyin bcuz he always has not wnting for nothing nd the money is not cumin from me sorry i cant take care no man in jail unless he's my husband dis pass wk he asked me to send him my name in Chinese nd i did nd whn i saw him he had my Chinese name tattooed n his neck.... need advice do he luv me r is he jus playin games he should be home n a couple of months
atjad atjad
36-40, F
Nov 28, 2012