Hi. I met my husband when I was just 14 and have been with him for 37 years. He was in an auto accident that ended with a fatality. I was unaware that he had started drinking again after 12 years sober, but the fact of the matter is that he HAD been drinking since 9/11 (the month before the accident). This man had NEVER had any trouble before, not even a ticket! Was a phenomenal provider for our family, both financially and emotionally. Turns out he was well below the limit and showed no signs of intoxication, but someone died and where I live someone has to go to prison. First trial,he was found guilty of vehicular homicide, appealled and won. Five yeats later they retried him. This time They destroyed the cars without letting us examine them, had all the witnesses (theirs and ours) change their statements, added "expert witnesses testimony without telling us, and a lot of other illegal acts to "prove" their case. Guilty again and appeal is being heard next month main issue being the destruction of evidence.
My issue isn't standing by him bc he wasn't at fault for the accident. It is bc I had no idea he had started drinking again! I never made him quit in the first place, it was an out of the blue decision at 30 to cool it for a while. What gets me is that he went back and hid it from me? He must have felt it was something he had to hide which was his judgement, not mine. Said he didn't tell me bc I couldn't handle it. How would he know? I was never given a chance.
So anyway, here we sit; him locked up for a total of 3.5 years (13 months first time around and 2.5 years now, with another 2.5 years to go) and me working 80 hours a week at 2 full time jobs not even making ends meet (and now out with a broken arm thank you Sandy) and I don't trust him! Im constantly thinking what else can I "not handle"? And I can't talk to him bc his attitude is just let it go! Ican't..........
I have no idea how to rebuild broken trust. Or even if you can. :( really not sure about hanging around when he gets out. Doubt he'll have an epiphany about relationships while in there.
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wait for him. eventhough he is in prison he still can talk skype ot sext u because of the internet