10 Days Till Sentencing

We just got married on Friday, 1/18/13 after two kids and eight years in a relationship, 6 of those living together. My Husband has his final court day for his sentencing in 10 days and we both don't know what the future holds. His lawyer got a call from the prosecutor and they want to take him away for five years. We have been fighting for my husband for seven months now. He was arrested when I was 9 months pregnant and about to have our second child together. We bailed him out so he would be around for the birth of our second child, a beautiful and health baby girl. Our oldest is also a girl and she is three, she really understands what's going on around her and I'm afraid of what to tell her if daddy has to go to jail. The day my husband got arrested, he spent 8 days in a federal prison and our three year old kept crying and asking where her daddy was. I don't know what to say to her if he does go to jail for five or three years, any time given is too much.
I wish the judge would understand that my husband is a great guy who made a mistake. He's a great husband and father and he has a full time job with benefits and this his first offense ever!!
He doesn't know what to think or how to act, we all are preparing for the worst case, worst case being he has to turn himself in that same day. I don't know what to tell my daughters, our infant won't even know him =( We are really sad and super emotional. We love each other very much and if he gets locked up, I'm going to be all alone. I need him with me, I need his help both financially and emotionally and everything in between.
No one knows the situation that we are besides close family and two of his friends, I told my BFF but no one else knows anything. Some people have suspiciousness but we don't say anything. We both work in a hospital in different departments but we know the same people, I can't afford to quit my job and I don't know how to handle nosey people at work. I can imagine all the rumors though...
This is my first post here...
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HI well I am in a similar situation. My fiance was taken away in Oct and I havent seen him yet. He is in federal prison and will have his final sentence on the 28th. The prosecutor wanted to give him 10 years but because of his clean record they were able to talk it down to about 5 and the lawyer assures me (the last time i spoke with him) that he can probably get that knocked down to 36 months (hopefully). It has been hard without him. I have been so lonely without him. I have no family or friends where we live and luckily we have no children. Hopefully everything will go by smooth once he gets sentenced and I get to finally see him.

I was.. Am.. In a similar situation! My partner of 4 years went away to federal prison , he had a mandatory minimum of 5 years , but he took a deal so the judge could sentance him to whatever she wanted, the prosecution wanted 3 and a half years , and he ended up getting sentenced to 2 .. It sucks , but were a year down and 10 months left of his sentance .. I didn't think I could do it alone with a baby.. And no financial support ,. I can't believe I have done it alone ... So proud of myself and him.. It is hard on our son, birthdays alone and Christmas .. He crys for his dad.. And we choose to say " daddy's at work "or "daddy's at his house" I just wanted to tell you , your not alone and you can do this! I'm here of you need to talk about anything ... Federal prison .. Relationship stuff , venting! Anything :)

is there an update to this story?