Sentencing Tomorrow...

Tomorrow is the big day, tomorrow we find out what the judge will say. The bad thing is, the judge could ask him to turn himself in that same day. I know I will cry, but I also have to stay strong for my little girls. We will not forget him and we will visit him religiously!! I told him not to ever think that he is alone, because we will be there for him. I can't sleep tonight, I have the jitters =( I will update on this situation as soon as I know....Please pray for our family to stay together.
Any advice on how to prepare my three year on what to expect, or how do I break it to her that her daddy might not come home? I thought about telling her that he was in school/work?
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1 Response Jan 28, 2013

Why not tell her the truth...."Daddy did something wrong and when we do wrong we get punished, and daddy's punishment is... he has to stay in a big house and do lots of work for a little while, without his family?" ...I hope it doesn't come to that though...good luck.