Giving Up On Him...

My husband has spent most of his life in and out of jail. He was in when I was pregnant with our first daughter. that round he spent 2 years. He was released May 07 and I ended up leaving him in Sept. because of abuse and drug use. We got back together  last July and he was arrested. Seems that in my absence he had been selling and using crack...who knew. Anyway I am now getting ready to give birth to our second daughter and he is now spending pretty much life in fed. prison. I am done with him. I deserve my own life.

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Good for you...

Yeah my situation is very much like yours. I gave up on him yrs ago.. but just recently I had to decrease my conversations with him because he is becoming so dark and angry .. I mean I guess I would be dark and angry too if I had 107 yrs sentenced. But I learned a lot time ago he is very selfish and the going in/out of jail was proof of that. We share a son. He just keep choosing the wrong sh#t in life and now hes gone forever... so keep moving on and staying the course.

Whatd he do to get in federal? I dont believe i divorce, but I think that you have every right to move on and have a life of your own.

yes you do I am right where you are but with my gf my big problem with her is getting in relationships and cheating on my while she is in prison and expecting me to make it all about her and not worry about it as long as she comes home to me well I say first time shame on them second time shame on you I have moved on but I am still there for her and am financially supporting her I am the only one she has but she should not have taken it for granted. because like you and with the help of herb I now realize I did my time and deserve to have a life without the restrictions of the system

move on. you have given him enough chances, blessed him with children and he is still acting like a jackass duing stupid things. You deserve better than him.

you do hunny this life can only work is the relationship is going both ways. rom what it sounds like you a strong independent women and he obviously didnt appreciate you for you. You deserve to be treated like Queen when u are treat the one you love like a king. if your relationship is only going one way with u giving ur all and hes not giving at all or caring then he doesnt deserve you. go your own way its may be hard but not all people can be saved. keep your head up girl

good for you! I'm glad that you've realised that you can do better!<br />
you do deserve your own life. find someone better. You Go Girl!

right on.

Thank you so much. I almost feel liberated the past few days. I have been on here writing about myself and saying some things I had only thought before. This is a wonderful site and I am glad i found it!

Hang in there girl. My thoughts and prayers are with you!!

You're right! You do deserve your own life and being done with him, is probably the best decision you can make for yourself and your two children! Good Luck!