Try to Outdo This Snore Story!

My husband's snoring was like a buzz saw.  It started out moderate sounding,  and I could get  him to turn on his side if I elbowed him.  He's a deep sleeper, so sometimes he would complain that his kidneys ached if i elbowed him to hard.  As time went on, he got louder and louder, and took on a deeper, honkier tone. 

It finally got so bad we could no longer sleep together, because he's the one who snores,  he was the one who left the room.  It's only fair.  He slept in a chair almost sitting up, and it was on the farthest end of the house, away from me and the kids.  Even still, when the kids had friends over to our home for a sleepover, his loud snoring scared them. 

His brother is a head and neck surgeon, so my husband agreed to hit him up for a palatectomy.  It's a surgical procedure where the back of the roof of your mouth and the uvula ("punching bag") is  removed, rendering you unable to snore. It's unpleasant.  I was touched that he would do this, because he did it just for me.  It was a selfless act of love because his snoring didn't bother him. 

The surgery worked, he quit snoring, but he started doing something WORSE!  Now, with each breath, he growls even louder than when he used to snore.   The noise  sounds like a tornado coming, or a loud freight train bearing down.  It is really irritating, and it makes me want to smack him without thinking.  That's just when he inhales.  When he exhales, he purses his lips, and makes a breathy "poot" sound.  I use ear plugs and I have a "white noise" maker.  They don't help.  I love and adore my husband, but his snoring makes me want to scream and pull my hair our......sigh.......

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ive had to endure many a wind sucking snoring beasts in the ARMY. there were a few that I swore they were going to suck our tent down. I used to just pinch their noses shut til they broke whatever seal they had going on in back of throat. once they break that seal, we'd all have about 5 or 10 min to get to sleep before it picked back up. no problem. the problem I have/had is with a different activity altogether, for which I have no recourse. attempting to thwart it woukd cause loss of limb/appendage.

my wife did warn me about it before ever spending the night. but it wasnt until she has moved in when it started happening (its stress related). the first time I'd heard it was bone chilling. it woke me right up. "P'POP!" and I hit the ground running. I have bad dreams at times and once I become aware of my surroundings, I returned to bed. before I could return to my previous state of slumber, I hear what I imagine it sounds like deep under the crust of the planet when 2 plates are shifting and grinding against each other, "G'R'R'R'rrr'P'POP! THUMP-THUMP!! KerPOP!!" ..."KerPOP! ...KER'POP!!" it was coming out of my then girlfriends mouth. it was the teeth grinding she had warned me about. when she warned me. I tried my best to think how bad it could possibly be. im thinking maybe she may have sounded like a squirrel gnawing on a walnut or something. ..I wasnt thinking it was going to sound like plate tectonics during the end of days. wtf. im surprised she has any teeth left. I swear, it sounds like she's breaking them off. when its on, there's nowhere to hide from it.

she finally got fitted for a mouth guard. I don't know how many shes ground through over the years. more than a couple, that's for sure.

were basically separated by now and haven't slept together in years but one of these days, ill have to wake her up in the middle of a good bone crushing session and ask her what she was dreaming about. I wouldnt be surprised if she says it was a dream of performing ********. ..on me.. lol

My dad snores also, my mom can't get steel because of it

I think we are married to brothers! Ugh! My husband is the worst. He is loud and no matter what position he is in he makes the loudest noise. I can hear it from outside the bedroom with the door closed.

I feel your pain! My fiance snores so bad that I lay awake wanting to scream just to wake him up! I cannot take it anymore! The worst part?...He finds his snoring to be hilarious! I record him snoring and he just laughs which makes me even more furious! <br />
<br />
Also, moonflowergirl....I can fiance never seems into sex.... its disappointing!

I feel and fully understand what you mean I had a girlfriend that did it so bad I didn't get any sleep and that r-ship didn't last for to long but I bet it must be so bad for you .. I could have put up with that you do and for how ling you have .your doing a great job

My husband snored loudly and, as others have described, stopped breathing many times throughout the night, he was diagnosed with sleep apnoea and given a CPAP machine that while it wasn't pleasant to wear meant he slept properly and wasn't so tired through the day. We found out what we could about sleep apnoea and it seems that if a man takes a larger than size 16" collar then he's a candidate for it, it's a serious condition and untreated can cause heart attacks, this in fact had already happened to my husband who had a bypass op after 3 heart attacks. He got along with the machine for around three years, yes it stopped him snoring and wasn't too noisy but did away with sleeping cuddled up. He died in 2003 at 57 years old of a stroke and I can honestly say if I could have him back, even snoring like an express train every night then I would do so. Ladies treaure every moment you have with your noisy sleepers because the silence when they are gone is unbearable.

I have an older boyfriend that snores. It doesn't bother me so much. It could be the fact that my father snores louder than he does, so Im used to it. I fall asleep like a baby with my man. But I should mention to him if he got checked to see if he does have sleep apnea. Should mention it to my father too!

Oh its different in my case,my husband was a snorer,we did a sleep lab test. now he is using those cpap equipments daily.he is more active.all i can say,he is there when he is there.

sssssssshwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeegggg<br />
I thot my Daddy was the worse ever snorer.<br />
Til my EX<br />
sheesh. That man sounds like a jet engine comin thru your wall, and im not kiddin either when he would go on conventions everyone argued who would NOT stay in HIS room because they wanted to get some sleep! haha<br />
He usually had to end up sleepin and payin for a room to himself cuz no one wanted to be his roomie<br />
My kids say he aint no better today either, when hes overly tired his mouth drops open and he snoozez and the whole place thinks its gonna<br />
<br />
I feel for ya, sista. No way would i ever ever wanna go thru them days again.

Robyn i absolutely love your story and feel there is no way anyone can top that story! The sleep deprivation you have suffered must be awful! i have set up a group on facebook called Stop Snoring Now - its a page for stories and solutions. I would love it if you would post something there - my aim is for as many people to come together as possible and help one another!/pages/london/Stop-Snoring-Now/122800837769316?ref=sgm<br />
Many thanks!

Sounds like a story.......from 'The Twilighr Zone'........

*giggles* that is funny! :)

Last year I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I have not gotten the mask because when I tried it out, it made me uncomfortable. I lost some weight since then and I still snore. I once in a while use the cheap product - Breathe Right nose strips. Sometimes it helps and some times it doesn't. My mom always notices that I still snore loudly and rarely she can hear me choke up and sit up to gasp for air in the middle of the night.


Oh, Sweetie, I commiserate with you! I've been married to my darling sweetheart for 36 years but oh! the snoring! I am sure that sleep deprivation would have driven me to divorce if I hadn't discovered those little spongie earplug thingies that they use on firing ranges. Sometimes he snores so loud that I can hear him even through the earplugs. In which case, I give him a gentle nudge, which stops the snoring temorarily, or put my arms around him, which shuts them up for good. Hope this helps. p.s. In the last two years, I have started snoring, too. Instead of trying stay-together-in-bed solutions, HE just stumbles off to the guest room.....

If the air is exiting through his lips, the problem might be higher up. Have you considered having him try Breathe Right strips? I snore and they work for me. I also have chronic sinus problems and they help with them alot.

Once my husband was snoring so bad and I had been awake for hours trying to sleep next to him that I got so mad pulled the pillow from under him and hit him with it right on the face...he woke up pissed off but I was laughing so hard at what I had done. I apologized and we laughed it off... I fell asleep before him that time.

hey sad indeed. Hope it clears up. Maybe separate bedrooms can cure it. Better than talking during sleep. I have this problem but today well...

i have a husband who snores and now i have a dog that snores as well.... ahhh but i love them both...

What I think could help is:<br />
<br />
if he loses weight, doesn't eat for a few hours before bed,<br />
doesn't drink alcohol for quite awhile,<br />
looked for homeopathic remedies from a natural food store, drank more water and stayed hydrated.<br />
<br />
Sleep apnea is when breathing stops for more than several seconds at a time. Minutes go by without a breath. That is serious and requires a sleep clinic to test for it and the CPAP respirator.<br />
Good luck.

If it's been years since he was tested, he might want to go again.<br />
<br />
I was diagnosed last February and since then it's been fantastic, I sleep at night and am not tired all day!<br />
<br />
The new machines are so silent that you hardly notice them, our fan is louder than my machine- if you can sleep with a fan on low, then you can definitely survive the machines, they are no larger than your hand (mine isn't) now and even the masks are smaller than before- depending on how severe his is he can go from the full mask (for every severe) to the small nose plug piece that I currently use since I have it very mildly according to the doctor.<br />
<br />
If he's constantly tired, no matter how much he sleeps, it has to be sleep apnea, I would sleep ten hours and still be dead, now I can sleep 7-8 and be just fine. :)

I have sleep apnea, I was told that I snored very loudly, course this was a "manly" thing. It got worse....<br />
<br />
During the night I would remember TV shows throughout the night, nothing like trying to put together the plots of the shows - made for some surrealistic stories and absorbing science shows. I thought cool it is sleep learning. The bad part was that I would fall asleep anywhere, standing up (falling down - cool thing was to wake up before hitting the floor, driving (luckily I caught myself). <br />
<br />
I finally got the hint and went to see the doctor and they put me in sleep clinic. The technician doing my tests said that my case was the worst case they had seen, my blood oxygen levels were around 50%, the oxygen levels should have been at +95%, he stated that I died every night.<br />
<br />
I had a CPAP machine in a couple of days, at first putting it on was awkward, but the first night was great, out like a light, no more tossing or turning, no snoring and no more falling asleep at work, on the road or while standing up. <br />
<br />
It is a little noisy but the oxygen flow is really cool....

I have a CPAP and sleep in another room because my wife snores too much. :(

hmmmmm. interesting. thanks syndala!

Robyn, my friend says that it is loud but more like 'white noise'. I think she said that she stopped using it because it frightened her boys and it was uncomfortable. I will ask her.

syndala. i would be very curious to hear how it goes if your husband goes to the sleep clinic. my husband just had a complete physical with lab work, and his thyroid levels were normal. do you know if your friend is bothered by the noise of CPAP? i guess you get used to the noise and get a decent sleep. having to sleep with CPAP is as unsexy as it gets, but dying in your sleep is not very sexy either. it may bother my husband, but we've been married for over 37 years, and i don't think sexiness has to do with or without CPAP. he's handsome and sexy to me no matter what. syndala, i appreciate your concern and for your comments. i'm encouraged now to get him back to te sleep clinic.

Sounds like sleep apnea to me too. Especially if he sounds like that after the palatectomy.<br />
<br />
My husband is probably going to have to go to a sleep clinic for testing. His snoring can be very bad at times and he always seems to be tired. His thyroid function tests were all normal so the next step is a sleep evaluation. <br />
<br />
We have a good friend who has a CPAP mask. She says she feels better when she wears it but says it is difficult to get in the habit of using it every night.

to lostmyself: yup. he's been tested. he was told he did not have sleep apnea. that was years ago. i think they're wrong. i've timed his respirations, and he does indeed have apneac episodes. CPAP would definitely help him....if he would do it. i know the CPAP set up is awkward and not very comfortable, and even somewhat loud. but it's better than a heart attack and early death. thanks for your concern, friend!

It really sounds like he has sleep apnia, they should not have performed any surgery before testing him for it! My Father has the same issue and they diagnosed him, he has to wear a mask every night now but does so much better. They said he had a 1 in 5 chance of not waking up every night he dosen't wear it and when they tested him they said he stopped breathing fifty something times in one night! Crazy!

They aren't really loud anymore. They have some that fit right into the nose and are very quiet. I think he needs a sleep study.