But I Think We Found a "Cure"

When we were first together, my husband (boyfriend at the time) would only snore for less than a minute after falling asleep...then he would somehow stop...and then I would be able to fall asleep.  I am a light sleeper.  Yet, over the years (and with the with the bit of weight that he's put on), his snoring has gotten far worse.  I refuse to be one of those people that sleeps in a different room than their spouse ~ but, I have to admit, there have been times when he's HAD to sleep on the sofa.  His snoring seems to be worse if he is extremely tired, if he's ill or if he's been drinking. 

With that said, we went on a quest to find a solution that didn't involve my husband going to the doctor (only because he WON'T go the the damn doctor!).  We tried the Breathe Right strips and they did ok for us ~ but he sometimes forgot to put one on and then wouldn't want to get out of bed to put one on...or, it wouldn't stay on his face because his skin was oily and he didn't want  to go to the trouble of washing his face just to put a little ***** on his nose.  And they're kinda expensive, if you're using them all the time.  We tried the gargle, but it only worked alongside other things ~ like the strips.  We tried the pills ~ same thing ~ only worked in conjunction with other stuff. 

Then...one day I was in Brookstone, killing time on a rainy afternoon.  They had this video going, of testimonials on a new product they had, called the Sonar pillow.  It was crazy...a pillow that costs about $200!  But...something told me to get it and to just give it a try.  I totally didn't believe that it would work, but I just had to see for myself. 

Amazingly enough, it did work.  But it does take some conditioning ~ you can only use it if you sleep on your side...not on your back and certainly not if you sleep on your stomach.  The pillow has a sort of hump in the middle of it, which prevents you from rolling over on to your back.  And it supposedly helps you keep your chin in the correct position, opening your air waves, to allow for better breathing.

Sounds crazy but it totally works for us...unless, again, he is sick or if he's been drinking.  Then he has to sleep on the sofa!  :) 

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I need to find more info on tht pillow. My hubby also snores really baaaaaddddd....

I don't sew :)

in sickness and in health...

who wants to sleep with a sick or drunk man anyway