Sick And Tired

He sleeps like a baby while I suffer like a miserable. He makes worst noise I can possibly imagine because it's intermitent and unpleasant. I have stopped sleeping next to him right when he goes to bed, because that's when he gets worse. I wait until he's slept for a few hours so that I can bear to use some earplugs and make him turn around. I get really tired and my sleep schedule is bad due to this.

I believe smoking contributes to worsen the condition, which he does on weekends. He also has gained a little wight and eats before going to bed. I am trying to change his diet and make him eat lighter meals. I have also encouraged him to stop smoking, which of course, he doesn't do.

I wish there was a magic pill I could slip on his drink to make this stop because it makes me angry.
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3 Responses May 17, 2012

Im sorry because I have no advice for you, only my story. I too kept my wife awake with loud snoring and I finally got my bipap machine. I no longer snore and I feel better than ever when I get up. But now, my wife has taken to snoring very loud and I am such a light sleeper it just doesn't work. This is why I am writing this at one in the morning. I have gotten to the point of asking the doc for sleep meds because I do shift work and have to sleep before I go back on day shift. I seem to be a night person so it is hard for me to fall asleep at night. When I sleep during the day I go right to sleep but it is for only four hours. I constantly live in a sleep deficit. So I am writing this to you just so you understand someone out here totally understands what you are going through. I'm pretty sure my main problem is shift work, but my buddies all sleep way better than I do. I finally caught my wife holding her breath the other night so I told her about it and she gets a little offended about it but made an appointment with the doc. So Im hoping they will find a problem this time and give her a cpap machine. I think it will help lots. She had a sleep study before and said she had no problem and did nothing for her. You can imagine how upset I was. I am going to her appointment with her this time too and will act like a person with lack of sleep if they don't help us. I do hope you can convince your man that you are suffering because of him. It's a hard thing to hear and very hard to go through the process of getting fixed up with a mask and all the hoses and machine, but it is well worth it when a person gets their first night of good sleep and wake up in the morning not hating life. Good luck to you both and I hope things work york out for you two.


Snore is a really annoying thing

yeah sometimes it really bad and affect your sleeping pattern try to talk to him and yeah your right to use ear plug so that it will not disturb you in everyway and i guess the best way is to talk it over so that he will know...